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What to expect from a newborn - Katinka

I remember one day after our third baby was born. I was still resting in bed most of the time, learning the personality of this new human, breastfeeding and holding him. I was in my mother's house. The older children would occasionally storm in to tell or show me something. I could hear voices and sounds of life simply moving along. I knew I had no worries in the world but to hold, breastfeed and love this new baby. This time, it was going to be okay. This time, I had no expectations; I did not know what our breastfeeding journey would look like. I did not feel like an expert. I was able to say, ―Hi, I‘m your mother, let's get to know each other. What is it that you like?

Breastfeeding support has so many faces. The greatest supporters of breastfeeding mothers often do not need to have the slightest clue about breastfeeding. Warm meals, taking the kids, keeping me in a safe bubble and keeping me with my newborn was so important to me, and we breastfed without any problems.

I also remember one day when my husband could not take it anymore and had to take that nap with our boy. Oh well, I was looking forward to that long hot shower anyway ...

Written by Katinka, LLL Leader in Harare, Zimbabwe


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