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Denise's breastfeeding journey the second time around

La Leche League Group Member Denise shares her story.

I have been exclusively breastfeeding my baby for 14 weeks. This has been the most exciting journey of my life. And I believe it is because of all the guidance and support from La Leche League.

I tried to breastfeed my first born baby, now a beautiful 10 year-old girl, but I was very young and uninformed. I didn't know about growth spurts and wonder weeks. I stopped early because I thought my baby was hungry and my milk wasn't enough! I was reassured by my paediatrician at the time that “I’m doing the right thing” by putting my baby on formula.

Now, 10 years later, breastfeeding has changed my life!! I have an amazing bond with my baby and I couldn't thank you (La Leche League South Africa) enough! She is healthy and gaining weight.

I have learnt so much during these last few months. I have learnt that I am good enough for my daughter! I have learnt that she only needs mommy's milk. I have learnt about what is healthy and unhealthy after 6 months. I am also so comfortable to breastfeed in public whereas I wasn't sure, before starting, how I would manage feeding when out and about.

Thanks for making me comfortable and helping me understand that this is the best thing I could do for my baby!


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