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Breastfeeding Mama Bear - René

I'm a first-time mom of a beautiful little girl and I'm not going to lie: breastfeeding was probably the most difficult obstacle I ever had to face and overcome. From day one in the hospital, my little girl

struggled to latch because I had flat nipples and big breasts. I started using nipple shields in order for her to latch as I refused to give her formula milk and wanted to breastfeed so badly. Eventually my nipples started to tear on the sides and were raw and sore. As each feeding time came closer, my heart started to drop and I became so emotional - I just wanted to give up!

Every time she fed, my nipples started to bleed, and my eyes filled with tears as the sharp stinging pain seared through my breast. I just couldn't take it anymore! But still I refused to give up. "I'm stronger than this, my daughter deserves better", I kept telling myself. After each feeding, I started using 100% lanolin nipple cream, and with sooooo much relief, my nipples started getting better and better every day. I finally started to enjoy breastfeeding my little girl, and our bond just grew stronger each day!

I'm proud to say that 8 September 2019 was our five-month mark of exclusive breastfeeding without extra formula milk and no solids. She has the cutest little fat rolls, all thanks to my amazing breastmilk. No more nipple shields, no more nipple cream, no more flat nipples, no more struggling!

This is the proudest achievement of my life.

- René Horak (written Sep 2019)

[LLLSA comment:

  1. Pain is usually the result of the baby not being latched on deeply and comfortably. These videos are helpful when trying to improve latching: Global health Media Breastfeeding Videos Playlist

  2. Nipple shields unfortunately do not “protect” nipples and damage can still occur when the latch is not deep and comfortable. Please watch How to apply a shield correctly. ]


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