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As a young mother, you may be wondering how you will manage a baby, breastfeeding and returning to school. Breastfeeding is the easy, enjoyable way for you and your baby to get to know each other. Any breastfeeding is better than none at all.



Mothering can be lots of work - breastfeeding makes it simple and doesn’t cost money.

Breastfed babies hardly ever get sick - less worry, less time spent on going to clinic and missing school or friends.

Breastfeeding easily helps you to understand your baby and gives you confidence as a mother.

Breastfeeding is so convenient: you can do it anywhere, anytime and your milk is always at the right temperature.

Periods tend to stay away while you’re breastfeeding often, and you lose weight naturally.



You might not be sure how long you plan to breastfeed. Try it for a few days or weeks.

Breastfeeding will not cause your breasts to sag – your breasts will have already changed in shape and size during pregnancy.

Speak to a friend or someone you trust who has breastfed their baby successfully.

Breastfeeding should not hurt – ask for help if breastfeeding is difficult or painful. Breastfeeding in a comfortable position and with a deep latch can help prevent sore nipples.

The more often your baby breastfeeds, the more milk you will make. Let your baby breastfeed as often as he wants and try to spend as much time as possible getting to know your newborn.


If you decide to return to school, try to wait until after the newborn stage. Your baby is more likely to be in some sort of routine and it will be easier to plan your day.

If you choose to continue breastfeeding when you return to school, you can express your milk and leave it with baby’s caregiver. You can start to practise a few weeks before returning to school.

Plan to spend some time at home with your baby after school, as well as time for studying and time with friends.

Having a baby and going to school will get easier over time.

Many young mothers lose some of their friends when baby arrives, but they also make new friends along the way. Meet with other moms or friends who support you.

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