This digital goody bag is jam-packed with helpful files to prepare for your return to work as a breastfeeding mother. 


This resource is complimentary for ticket-holders of the La Leche League South Africa at the Working Mothers’ Breastfeeding Conference and can be downloaded for free using your Promo Code at checkout. 


Topics include:

  • Being away from your baby as a working mother
  • Flexible work solutions
  • Choosing a pump
  • Choosing a caregiver
  • Hand expression
  • Safe handling and storage of your milk
  • Bottle-feeding a breastfed baby
  • How much milk will my baby need when I'm gone
  • Information to leave with caregivers
  • Tips for expressing
  • Tips for getting baby to take a bottle
  • When expressing volumes drop
  • Additional resources for the working mother


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Digital Goody Bag - Working Mothers Breastfeeding Conference


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