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When I’m with my mommy is a breastfeeding story. It describes the process of growing up and teaches us that even though the breastfeeding journey must come to an end, there is no limit to a mother’s love, even when the milk is gone. Breastfeeding creates a deeply emotional bond between mother and child, and the purpose of this book is to start a conversation about the weaning process.

Beautiful watercolour illustrations and soothing verse can help young children understand the journey of breastfeeding from beginning to end. The book opens with baby still in mommy’s tummy – the ultimate source of comfort; and closes with a heart-warming illustration of a mother and child reading a book. 

This book is for toddlers and their loving mommies who are getting ready to start weaning, a keepsake, to remember their special bond.

When I'm with my Mommy

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