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What does it take to change established childbirth practices, hospital procedures, infant

nutrition standards, and cultural norms that work against the best interests of mothers and

their babies? It takes a woman who is passionate about all of those things, and who unknowingly took the first steps of a journey that would ultimately lead to the founding of La

Leche League International and a life devoted to speaking up and speaking out for mothers

and babies around the world. That woman is Marian Tompson, whose passion for insisting

on the childbirth and breastfeeding options that nurtured and nourished the breastfeeding

couple became her life’s work. Part biography, part memoir, this book tells the story of a shy

1950s stay-at-home mother who became a childbirth and breastfeeding advocate whose

influence reached around the globe

Passionate Journey My unexpected life - Marian Tompson

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