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Until recently, modern technology in Neonatal Intensive Care separated mothers and fathers from their babies, believing babies to be too fragile and unstable to touch, never mind hold.


Things are changing! The latest research shows that it is separation from mother that makes babies in incubators frightened and so unstable. When held in skin-to-skin contact, even the smallest baby will feel safe, and she will stabilize. As development is incomplete, all other modern technology is added as needed.


This is a workbook on skin-to-skin contact (kangaroo care) for parents of premature babies. It describes in everyday language the key concepts from recent neuroscience and newborn care. Jill talks parents through their emotional turmoil, on to practical things to do,  empowering them to become central to the team for their baby’s care.

Hold your prem - Jill Bergman

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