One type of breast massage involves using your fingertips to apply gentle pressure to your breast and move your fingers in a circular motion. After a few seconds, you can move your fingers to another spot. Start at the top of your breast and spiral the breast toward the areola using the circular motion. Then switch to the other breast.


In order for the baby to suck effectively, he will need to draw your nipples far back in his mouth. If you have flat nipples, the baby may have a problem latching. On the other hand many mother have successfully breastfeed with flat or inverted nipples.

Some people suggest using a breast shell or other products that are designed specifically to draw the nipple out. However, there is no evidence that these products are helpful. More information on preparing to breastfeed with flat or inverted nipples can be found in the WOMANLY ART OF BREASTFEEDING or from your La Leche League Leader.


Some pregnant or new mothers worry about breastfeeding discreetly. Clothing or baby blanket can easily be used for discreet breastfeeding. Many mothers have found that they do not need to purchase the clothes specifically designed for breastfeeding mothers. On the other hand, fashionable and comfortable clothing are available, specifically designed with special openings for discreet breastfeeding. Maternity shops and online stores carry nursing fashions.

This post about bras may also be useful.


Contact a La Leche League Leader for support and help in preparing to enjoy breastfeeding your baby.

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