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We need you!

*Peer counsellors are individuals who are trained by La Leche League South Africa and work in specifically targeted maternity obstetric units, clinics and government hospitals. La Leche League South Africa collaborates closely with Department of Health in this regards. Peer counsellors are able to complement the work of the nurses who are often too busy to provide one-on-one support to expectant and new mothers. The peer counsellors’ dedication to their work sees them work long past their required hours.

The main aim of the peer counsellor is to educate and support the mother in her quest to breastfeed her infant for 2 years and beyond. More than 3 510 peer counsellors have been trained in South Africa over the years. 



Your financial contribution goes a long way in helping La Leche League South Africa reach its goals!

This year we want to help our Peer counsellors* to provide food to  malnourished mothers at the community clinics where they work. 

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