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Working Mothers' Breastfeeding Conference

Saturday, 6 February 2021 | 09h00 - 13h00

Returning to work?

Not sure how you can continue to breastfeed while working? 

Not sure how to express, or how much milk to leave for baby?

Worried about your milk supply?


Join La Leche League South Africa at the Working Mothers’ Breastfeeding Conference for information shared by real-life working mothers. Our online session will cover the following topics:


  1. The importance of breastfeeding for babies, mothers and their employers

  2. South African law and your rights

  3. Working Full-time, Part-time, From or Away from Home

  4. What to look for in a caregiver

  5. Preparing for your first day back at work

  6. Different types of pumps and how to use them 

  7. Hand expressing

  8. Encouraging baby to take a bottle

  9. Different ways of feeding your baby

  10. How to store and handle breastmilk

  11. What to do if your supply drops

  • Practical ideas to make working-and-breastfeeding "work"

  • Sessions are presented by La Leche League Leaders who are working mothers

  • Information is evidence-based and supported by science

  • Working-Mother eDownload information pack




Meet our speakers

Rahmat Bagus Speaker.jpeg


Rahmat is a La Leche League Leader from Cape Town. She is a medical doctor and has been a working breastfeeding mother with all 4 of her children. With her first child, she used formula milk as well as expressed breast milk when she returned to work. With the latter three children, she exclusively breastfed until her children started solids. All of her children have breastfed for extended periods of time.

Leani Khan Speaker.jpeg


Leani changed her mind about returning to work after her first child was born. She now has three children and over the years has experienced different work options. She has at times been a stay-at-home mom; at other times she has worked part-time, and full-time. She has been able to negotiate creative solutions with her employers in order to be more available to her family.



Gwynneth is a biological scientist working full time in a government laboratory. She credits her parenting success to the support and information she received from La Leche League South Africa, which helped her exclusively breastfeed and express after maternity leave. As a result she became a Leader and has supported other working mothers in her workplace and beyond. She is currently expecting her second child and is still nursing her firstborn. She plans to express again upon returning to work.

Amor Herbst.jpeg


Amor is mother to three school-aged girls which includes a set of fraternal twins. Having  struggled with breastfeeding her firstborn, Amor joined La Leche League South Africa after the birth of her twins for support and evidence-based information. Amor managed to combine working full-time in the I.T. industry (and expressing her milk at work) with caring for her family and reaching her breastfeeding goals. 

Gwen Britten Speaker.jpeg


Gwen is a medical doctor who suprised herself by staying home with her first born child. She now has two boys and does locum work to try and find a balance between being available to her small children and earning a living. Both her children have breastfed for a lengthy time, and La Leche League has been an important part of her support network in managing to do this.



Leana became a La Leche League Leader shortly after the birth of her third baby. She resigned from her job to be a stay-at-home mom during her first two children's younger years.  By the time her third baby was born she was working flexi hours. Among her many other commitments she is still running a busy clinic as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. It was only with amazing support from family, friends and La Leche League that she could overcome many of the obstacles working and breastfeeding mother-baby pairs face. All three her children were exclusively breastfed.  

Tercia Moses Speaker.jpeg


Tercia is a stay at home mum to 3 busy children. She has spent several years as an Educarer in a childcare environment and 3 years as a Unit Administrative Assistant. Tercia decided to resign from her job after the birth of her second baby to meet the needs of her growing family. She is still breastfeeding her children.

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